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Maintaining smart contract integrity within your Web3 infrastructure is the bedrock for a blockchain protocol that has its users’ best interests in mind. Without consistent and regular execution of keeper tasks, a protocol can suffer from inefficient resources allocation, lack of systems monitoring and even downtime. TechOps Services provides a series of services that aim to tackle these challenges.

Automated Transaction Execution

Provision robust decentralized infrastructure that automatically executes transactions based on predefined conditions in Smart Contracts. This ensures timely and reliable interaction between Smart Contracts, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of your dApp.

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Smart Contract Management and Monitoring

This includes scheduling execution, logs collection, and ensuring high availability and reliability of keeper functions. Blockchain monitoring is a critical component of our security assurance process, providing real-time insights to proactively identify and address any runtime issues.

Security Assurance and Compliance

Implementation of rigorous security protocols and regular audits to ensure keepers, and the infrastructure they run on, comply with both internal security standards and external regulatory requirements. This helps reduce vulnerabilities and protects against potential attacks.

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Decentralized Oracles Integration

Facilitating the integration of decentralized oracles to provide real-time data to smart contracts, enhancing their functionality and reliability. This service helps ensure that dApps can securely and efficiently interact with external data sources. Our proven experience in hosting these systems continues to set us apart from the rest in this field.

Custom Keeper Development

Tailoring blockchain keeper solutions to meet any specific operational needs, enhancing the automation and efficiency of smart contract operations. This service includes custom development of keeper functions that interact with various blockchains and dApps according to client’s requirements.

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