Decentralised Infrastructure Development

Our Web3 DevOps team of Engineers ensures that your decentralized infrastructure and systems operate seamlessly and securely by providing the following comprehensive solutions, including blockchain monitoring and DAO operations.

Blockchain Nodes Hosting

We provide reliable hosting services for blockchain nodes and ensure high availability and resilience across multiple geographical locations. Our services include the setup, management, and maintenance of nodes, as well as ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest release upgrades and Web3 security practices.

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Smart Contract Monitoring and Automation

We implement blockchain monitoring solutions to track the performance and execution of smart contracts in real time. TechOps Services offers automation tools that trigger responses or adjustments in smart contracts based on predefined rules, ensuring that DAO operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Integration with Existing IT Systems

TechOps provides services to seamlessly integrate DeFi solutions into existing IT infrastructures. This includes API integrations, custom middleware, and ensuring compatibility with traditional FinTech solutions.

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Operational Optimizations of DeFi Protocols

Our team can enhance the operational efficiency of DeFi systems by developing customized solutions that streamline processes such as liquidity monitoring, transaction handling, and asset allocation. This service helps ensure that DeFi platforms operate at peak efficiency and optimal user experiences.

Continuous Maintenance and Upgrades

We offer continuous maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that your DeFi infrastructure remains current with the latest blockchain advancements and security practices. This also includes monitoring the network and smart contracts to quickly adapt and respond to market changes or technological developments.

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