Systems Monitoring

At TechOps Services, we protect our clients from systems operational risks by providing the following services to improve their Web3 infrastructure.

Blockchain Observability

TechOps Services implements comprehensive observability frameworks that provide deep insights into blockchain operations. This will monitor key metrics, trace transactions, and visualize blockchain states to ensure complete transparency and detect anomalies in real time.

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Log Aggregation and Analysis

Our team can also set up log aggregation systems that collect and consolidate logs from across the nodes on any blockchain network. We achieve this by utilizing modern analysis tools to sift through the data, helping identify trends, pinpoint issues, and optimize performance.

Cross-Regional Performance Checks

We conduct cross-regional systems monitoring to ensure consistent blockchain performance across different geographical locations. Our Web3 support includes monitoring latency, data consistency, and node responsiveness to maintain a high level of service availability globally.

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Blockchain Keeper Queries Automation

Schedule regular queries with blockchain keepers to verify Smart Contract integrity and functionality. These keepers perform automated checks on Smart Contracts and blockchain states to ensure DAO operations align with predefined rules and conditions.

Customizable Dashboard and Reporting Tools

TechOps Services provides you with customizable dashboards that give a comprehensive view of system health and performance metrics. These dashboards are accompanied by detailed reporting tools that can generate performance reports for analysis and decision-making purposes.

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