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In Q2 of 2023, formerly known as Oasis.apps, embarked on a rebranding journey that showcased the power of having a team like TechOps at their disposal to pull it off. Their motive? They were ready to go bigger and bolder and they needed new branding that represented their ambition and place in the DeFi space. & TechOps: Business as usual

TechOps has been providing DevOps, 24/7 monitoring and IT support services to since August 2022. So when this project was brought up at one of the monthly planning meetings and a deadline was given, there was no delay in starting to research, plan, and brainstorm how to pull it off effectively.

Part of the plan was understanding what kind of downtime different services could accommodate, based on discussions with Engineers, and making sure that the end users wouldn’t see any impact.

Since communication is key to everything in life, TechOps began by listing what tasks and elements would need to be changed and collecting all insights into one place. In this case a collaborative document in the popular note-taking app Notion. This would allow both teams to collaborate and contribute, giving a clear overview and resolving any questions that came up.

Executing the Plan

Success would mean that everything was deployed and running without impacting the usability of the website and WebApp, welcoming users with a nice surprise the next time they returned to the site. The roadmap was straightforward:

  1. Identify all the elements that need changing, including text references, static assets, domains, URLs, and specific variables.
  2. Plan how to pull off a smooth final switch. Which parts of the infrastructure don’t require migration and which parts can be migrated in stages.
  3. Divide the process into smaller tasks that can be picked up by and assigned to anyone within TechOps.
  4. Prepare a staging environment to test the production migration process and make sure the monitoring, alerting, and other testing systems run smoothly.
  5. Thoroughly assess and test all aspects to prevent glitches or downtime.

Guiding the backend symphony was Cristi from the TechOps team, a DevOps engineer with over 10 years of experience who works from Northern Spain. He would work alongside TechOps’ Project manager Arti to handle the plan, steps to be taken, and their timelines for completion. Further discussions could take place on the already existing and regularly used communication channels that has with TechOps and, as usual, in person at the weekly check-in meetings between TechOps and

Crossing the Finish Line

Anticipating challenges and potential snags had been foreseen with solutions proactively placed. With progressive switching of certain elements so that the front end wouldn’t be affected by changes made in the back end allowed the front end to be the last thing to be changed. That way, when it came to the transition, the TechOps team had all redirects in place and planned the final switch just before would make their press release and announcements. The result was a stunning new look, celebrated for its design with a couple of new features to drive home the power of to users. All without missing a beat.

These kinds of projects become routine when everyone on the team has a minimum of 10 years of experience. So In the ever-shifting digital landscape, a project like's rebranding proves that simplicity in effective collaboration and precise execution doesn’t have to be overly complicated, exhausting, or feared. When you have top engineers available 24/7, teamwork, planning and dedication lead to seamless execution, leaving a lasting impression on the tech horizon for how modern work should be done. Thank you for reading this use case story between TechOps Services and If you would like to know more please visit and

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