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Our team is our greatest asset. We are a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Our Story


The Foundation of TechOps Team

Our journey began at the early stage of Maker Protocol, in 2018, within the walls of the Maker Foundation. As a dedicated TechOps Team, our founding members were instrumental in supporting and maintaining the Maker Protocol’s DevOps and IT infrastructure. Recognizing the depth of our expertise, as the foundation prepared for its decentralization, it became clear that our mission was far from over.


The Foundation of TechOps Services and A Seamless Transition

The Maker Foundation initiates its dissolution, transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization—MakerDAO. This pivotal moment marked the birth of TechOps Services as an independent entity in 2021. Our team was at the forefront, ensuring a flawless migration of the critical teams and infrastructure from the traditional foundation structure to a fully autonomous DAO.

2021 - Present

Expanding Horizons

With the successful transition of MakerDAO, other emerging Web3 projects sought our expertise. This demand led to expanding our services beyond MakerDAO, catering to a broader range of projects in the DeFi and Web3 space. Today, TechOps Services offers a comprehensive suite of services, supporting various projects with the same level of dedication and excellence that marked our early days with the Maker Protocol.

Today and Beyond

With a team of ten highly skilled professionals, TechOps stands as a beacon of reliability, trust, and unmatched expertise in the decentralized Web3 DevOps landscape.

Our roots in the early days of MakerDAO have equipped us with unique insights and experiences. As we continue to support the smooth operations of MakerDAO in its Endgame, our commitment remains unwavering—to be the most reliable and trustworthy Web3 DevOps support team globally.

Our Values

Our HQ Locations

Copenhagen Denmark

Melbourne Australia

Tallinn Estonia

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