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Welcome to our May newsletter, a quick check-in on what’s happening at TechOps Services and some interesting tidbits worth sharing from around the Interwebs.

Brought to you by the friendly folks at TechOps Services - Custom Web3 Infrastructure with 24/7 Support. Let’s dive in!

✨ News

  • We attended EthGlobal Hackathon and Pragma Conference in Sydney
  • This month we are at DappCon in Berlin
  • Still later this year we’re going to be at EthCC in Brussels and DevCon in Bangkok. Find us and say hi and let’s grab a coffee or a beer!
  • We published a new blog post on how we continue to ensure reliable operations of one of the leading protocols in DeFi - MakerDAO
  • As part of our partnership program we continue to be on a lookout for interesting projects and smart people to collaborate with. This helps us and our trusted partners to expand and solidify our networks and more. If you’re interested to know more, come talk to us on Discord

🤔 Knowledge worth sharing

  • Interesting post that talks about the benefits of Smart contract automation by introducing Keepers. A reminder that yours truly specialise in developing and hosting Blockchain Keepers
  • Ethereum Wallets having capabilities of Smart contracts is a hot topic right now. This post gives background and information on this debate among the experts
  • We are big fans of Terraform for managing Cloud Infrastructure here at TechOps Services. Are the days of Terraform are numbered though?
  • New Ethereum client alert! Meet Grandine
  • Log aggregation and analysis is one of the pillars of DevOps. JSON logging offers both significant advantages and potential risks to consider

🙌 Projects we’re keeping an eye on

  • OpenMesh Network - Building a decentralized cloud and oracle network
  • Cudos - Cloud Infrastructure For Web3
  • WingLang - A programming language for the cloud

Thank you for staying connected with TechOps Services! If you have any questions or feedback or would like to explore collaborations, you can chat with us on Discord or any of our socials or simply reply to this email.

Until next time!

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